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Bobby Obafemi - A Classic Jazz Guitar Soloist with distinct uniqueness in music.

First Set of Jazz Solo

We have compiled some great solos of different music for your listening ears. These songs are but not limited to Norman Browns songs and Pata Pata – Maria Makeba. Play through the list and Enjoy!

  1. Bobby - For the Love of you 5:09
  2. Bobby Obafemi - Mr. Pc (Guitar cover) 3:27
  3. Bobby Obafemi🎸 That's the way love goes 4:04
  4. Lovely Day - Obafemi 5:17
  5. Pata Pata Maria Makeba - By Obafemi 3:12
Medicine Man (George Benson)🎶 Bobby Obafemi Guitar Cover🎸🎸🔥🔥6m39

Recent Video

Watch a video on the cover of “Medicine Man (George Benson)🎶 done on Feb 1, 2020🎸🎸🔥🔥. Listen to this great piece. Check out our video page for more videos. You can watch our videos on youtube and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Last Videos

Some of our recently added videos. Visit the videos page for more.



Phrygian sketches

Medicine Man

For the Love of you

Norman – The way love goes

From our Blog

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About Bobby

Bobby Ayomikun Obafemi (born March 24, 2009) is a Nigerian guitarist. He began his professional career at the age of 11 as a jazz guitarist and came to prominence in 2019, playing traditional, smooth jazz, making song covers and others.


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